Howes Hot Suburbs

Not taking into account the glamour and grammar zone areas the following suburbs have shown good capital gains and in my opinion will continue to stay strong suburbs.

1) Pt Chevalier

You can’t drive through Pt Chev you have to go to the suburb. With its coastal reserves, closeness to the zoo, Western Springs park and a short drive to the city it has become a highly sought after suburb. It is attracting a lot of families to the area.

2) Hillsborough / Lynfield

A lot of houses facing into the Manukau harbour have magnificent views and are a well kept secret to a lot of Aucklanders. Easy access to motorways going south and west and a reasonably short journey to the city makes these two suburbs attractive.

3) Sandringham

Has become an extension of the Mt Eden area. Its proximity to the city, Eden Park and St Lukes shopping mall has made this suburb a desirable one to live in.

4) Royal Oak

If you have property within walking distance of the mall you are sitting on highly demanded real estate. Good schools in the area and one of Auckland’s most popular parks, “Cornwall Park” (No tree Hill) near by.

5) Birkenhead

One of the first North shore suburbs as you head north over the Harbour bridge. Many houses have spectacular views back towards the bridge and city.

6) Orewa

With the Puhoi motorway extension in place Orewa is on the up. Quality houses up on the hill, one of the best beaches in Auckland and close to Waiwera Hot Pools.

I have to mention two other suburbs which i have been watching that will be experiencing changes in the short to medium term (2-5 years):

City Apartments (CBD)

City apartments have been suffering from an excess supply and not enough demand scenario for quite some time. Now that the cranes have slowed there is hope on the horizon. In my opinion prices should rise along with tenant demand so now might be a time to invest in an apartment for the future.

When buying an apartment you need to consider the following:

• What floor the apartment is on and what affect will the ground noise have?
• Do I get any views?
• Does the apartment have a balcony?
• Do I need a carpark?
• Body corp fee is how much!?
• Any building plans for next door?
• Any construction problems?

You can’t have everything perfect. It will depend on your plans and budget of course. (See City Apartment page for further information)

Mangere Bridge

I named this suburb the “Ponsonby of South Auckland”. It has a lovely community feel about it, a great coastal area and you can go for a fish off the old bridge if you want. Close to the airport and a short drive into areas such as Mt Eden and Royal Oak. From Taylor road north is good real estate and it’s expensive to get onto the esplanade. Again not a through suburb, you have to go there specially. As the older generation leave us it will be interesting to watch to see if that community feel continues.



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