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The most expensive apartment i have rented was a 3 bedroom $1500 a week penthouse on Queen Street. The cheapest apartment i have rented was a very small $220 a week studio in Wakefield street. The following are my Favourite Four apartment blocks and some more tips on apartment living and renting.

Favourite Four

Parklane Apartments on Greys Ave.

Located in a tree lined street this apartment building has high stud ceilings and oozes quality. Many of the apartments over-look Myers park. There is a large indoor pool and a gym. This building is impressive.

The Heritage Hotel. (The old farmers building)

This solidly built apartment building / hotel has some great facilities such as a pool, a gym, and a tennis court. Just a short walk to the waterfront or Queen Street.

The Statesman. 1 Parliament Street.

Well constructed apartment building with a small reserve opposite it. In the quieter part of the CBD, close to the university and the High court. The bedrooms are not that big but overall this is good living. Pool & Gym.

The upper level apartments facing north get great harbour views.

The Metropolis 1 Courthouse Lane

Luxury sky scraper in the heart of the city. Most of the floors enjoy fantastic views. The facilities are five star including a heated pool and gym. Close to the high street shopping precinct and many good restaurants are close by.

Tips for apartment living / renting.

  1. Most if not all apartments should be rented semi furnished at least. If renting unfinished you take the risk of the walls being damaged by the moving of furniture in and out of the apartment. Some apartment hallways and lifts are also very limited in size.

  2. Don’t overdue the furnishing of the apartment as the costs for replacing and repairing chattels can eat into rental returns. Many tenants want to use their own sheets, duvets and cutlery anyway.

  3. Limit the furniture in the apartment. A lot of clutter and furniture will make the apartment look smaller and less desirable.

  4. Always due regular inspections on students and remember a lot of international students return home at the end of the year so try to have a plan in place for the November to January period. Ideally you would want a fixed term tenancy agreement ending in the month of February but this won’t always occur.

  5. Some of the smaller apartments have the kitchen area encroaching on the lounge area. I recommend a mat to cover the area joining the tiles in the kitchen to the carpet in the lounge. It only takes one fry up and suddenly your carpet has spots of oil stains.

  6. Public transport is slowly improving in Auckland so an apartment without a car park is not the end of the world. Student type apartments won’t need one. Some of the middle range of apartments come with one and the top end apartments tend to have one or two with the apartment.

  7. Fixed term tenancies are the norm for inner city apartments.

  8. Sometimes having a quiet peaceful apartment can be as good as an apartment with balcony and views. Look for the good in the apartment and weigh it up with the asking price. Of course lots of sun, facilities, parking, large balcony and great views would be desirable but not everyone has the same budget. Get several opinions and view the apartment both in the day time and in the night before purchasing.

  9. Get to know your building manager. He can be the ears and eyes of the place so can be a great source of information.

  10. Check out the body corp fee and what it covers before buying. Apartments need to maintain items like pools, gyms, lifts, common areas and building managers.

  11. If you are worried about the property next to the apartment block you are interested in go to the council to see if there are any plans for the building to be developed. Look at the condition of the building and the land size the building is on. An old building on a large land size tends to give me the feeling that one day it might get developed and the views on the building you like may be lost. Not always the case but be on the look out for this.



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